How it Works – Uranium

Canada is the world’s leader in uranium production, with Saskatchewan alone providing about 21 per cent of total world production in 2008. All of Canada’s uranium production is used to produce electricity.

The two major uranium mining companies in Canada are Cameco Corporation and AREVA Resources Canada Inc.

Saskatchewan’s uranium reserves contain about four times more energy than all known Canadian conventional oil reserves (not including the Athabasca tar sands).

The uranium mining industry in Canada employs 5,000 people. In 2007, this industry had sales of in the order of $1 billion.

CamecoCameco Corporation’s refinery at Blind River, Ontario
begins the process of creating uranium fuel

Plentiful and powerful

Uranium is a metal, common and abundant in nature, found in most rocks, soil, rivers, oceans, food and the human body. It is a unique element because of its potential to generate huge amounts of energy.

Eight pellets of uranium, each smaller than the average adult thumb, contain enough energy to power an average home for about one year.