Nuclear Facts – Quick Facts

The Canadian Nuclear Factbook 2013

The 2013 edition of the Canadian Nuclear Association’s nuclear energy fact book is now online and available for download. Canada and countries around the world are discussing energy matters like never before. The CNA’s nuclear handbook provides basic and factual material to contribute to decisions about the role of nuclear energy.


World Nuclear Power Reactors and Uranium Requirements
This fact sheet, from the World Nuclear Association website, shows the numbers of operable nuclear reactors around the world; how many are under construction, planned and proposed; and the uranium required for the world’s nuclear reactors.

Number of Operating Reactors in Canada
Shows where nuclear reactors are located in Canada, with details on size and operating status.

CANDU Nuclear Reactor Performance
Provides performance statistics for each of Canada’s nuclear reactors.

Uranium 101 – The Nuclear Fuel Process
An animated introduction to nuclear energy, as well as research sources and external links.

CANDU: The Evolution
A picture of how the CANDU nuclear reactor has evolved into several different reactor sizes used around the world.