The Canadian Nuclear Factbook

The 2013 edition of the Canadian Nuclear Association’s nuclear energy fact book is now online and available for download. Canada and countries around the world are discussing energy matters like never before. The CNA’s nuclear handbook provides basic and factual material to contribute to decisions about the role of nuclear energy.

This book tells us about the history of nuclear power; the extent to which the technology is used worldwide; and its economic and environmental benefits. The accessible facts and graphics also show us how nuclear provides over 17% of Canada’s electricity with virtually no greenhouse gas emissions.

We also learn about how nuclear science and technology advances materials science, and about the crucial role of nuclear technology in modern medical imaging, diagnosis, and treatment.

Canada’s nuclear industry directly and indirectly employs over 60,000 Canadians. These jobs are long-term, high-quality, and well-paid with firms that make impressive investments in workforce development and in their communities.

Canadians who live and work in our host communities support our industry and value its contribution to their quality of life. We hope that you will too, and that this book will help to inform your understanding and that of your colleagues, family, friends, students and professional contacts.

Find out more about nuclear energy — a reliable, affordable, and clean source of electricity.

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