Why Nuclear

Canada’s nuclear industry has benefited the women, men and children of our country for more than half a century now. Yet the benefits of Canada’s nuclear industry are not well known.

In this section of our website, you can find out more about Canada’s nuclear industry. Is nuclear good for our environment? Is nuclear-generated electricity affordable? Is it safe and secure and well regulated? Is it good for employment and our economy? Does it manage its wastes effectively? Does nuclear have other applications beyond electricity production?

Even though the nuclear industry is not well understood, it touches the lives of most of us. Over the coming years, we will make decisions on the future role of this important Canadian industry.

Does the nuclear industry deserve your support? What are the facts?

We in the nuclear industry believe it offers much to Canada. On these pages are 10 reasons why nuclear is beneficial to all of us.

Please have a look… and then you decide.